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We offer Adaptable, Valuable and Scalable IT services customized to your requirements

About Us

Our values: We offer Adaptable, Valuable and Scalable IT services customized to your requirements.

We offer scalable business model to support your growth plans

At Profluent Labs we combine our in-depth technical expertise, with Agile development and Design Thinking to offer expert software engineering and consultancy services to businesses aiming digital transformation. We help our clients to overcome the technological challenges of digital transformation through innovation and the use of emerging technologies.

Our off-shore customer delivery model offers the most cost efficient solutions. The process is seamless with effective communication engaging the business as well as the technical teams at the customer end. We provide off-shore development services for companies of all sizes.

As your organization continues to grow, we help you stay focused on your core business by offering effectively managed software services that meet your IT-related requirements quickly, consistently and within well controlled budget.

Project Management

In today's world, software applications must delight their users. But development speed and applied creativity remain critical priorities. Contact us to develop at speed and with creativity.

Sprints using SCRUM

Reduced Project Risks | Increased Team Morale | Better Customer Engagement | Improved Project Visibility

Your IT partner for success

Fast & reliable software development | Custom application development | Mobile integration | Reduced time to market

Engagement Model

Whether you are looking for help with your new product development efforts or extend the features and functionality of your existing software, Profluent Labs offers variety of engagement approaches to address your specific needs.

Collaborating with Profluent Labs..

  • Brings high quality engineering talent to significantly lower your cost and time-to-market.
  • Profluent Labs’ Project Governance ensures that project goals are being met. Any potential impediments are identified quickly and addressed to ensure the project meets its goals.
  • Helps free up your internal teams from ongoing maintenance services for your existing products.
  • Enables financial flexibility to scale up and ramp up on demand
  • Expands the ability of your firm’s internal resources to focus on other innovation projects.

Our services are truly customized and customer centric. Contact us today to know more about our offerings.

Quality Control

Cutting corners on testing software exposes your business to significant risks, from revenue loss to poor customer experience impacting your reputation. Profluent Labs’ Quality & Testing team can help.

Our testing engineers work with a variety of tools and adapt to your needs and expectations. Automated and manual testing along with our experience in Agile development provide the basis to ensure your project succeeds.

Our software testing and QA team constantly communicates with our clients in real-time. Our comprehensive QA and testing plan outlines assurance to expected results.

Advantages of outsourcing Testing process to Profluent Labs:

  • You get another pair of professional eyes evaluating and certifying your systems’ perfection.
  • Your core team can leverage the bandwidth on innovation & development priorities
  • Decrease your direct & indirect cost overheads

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